Monday, December 16, 2013

Twenty Fourteen Is Sneaking Up

I'm still having a hard time believing that we're already headed into 2014. This year flew right by! But the holidays are in full swing already, you guys. Say what?!

We enjoyed our annual Christmas brunch this weekend with friends and family gathered around the table that my cousin, Shang, built using his very own hands and reclaimed wood. I need to get a photo of that table to share because it's glorious.

You can see a little bit of it in this first photo with the kids gathered for the Mickey Mouse pancakes which were also made by Shang. 

grub + gifts

Our friend Paul brewed us some extremely technical coffee. There was measuring involved. Thanks, Paul. I loved it but I'll be using my programmable electric coffee maker. My mornings will never allow for this sort of attention to detail. 

prep station

At one point, I caught Paul wrapping Tom up with a bow for Christmas. I hope I find him under my tree because I'm going to be super sad if he's being re-gifted. 


We ended the night at the Zettwoch home for their annual Winter Formal event. 
It was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. Luckily, Leslie posed us with her dog, Morty, early in the evening. So, at least we'll have one or two photos to remember the night. 


Leslie and Dan always do such an amazing job decorating. I wish I could show you their cute little home. As for us, we're just now finally decorating our house. Slowly. We usually start on Black Friday but this year, we were sick and then way too busy. 

At least we have a helper in Hippo kitty.

So, what have you been doing to celebrate? Are your decorations up? Are you freaked about 2014 being only weeks away? I am. Help!

Oh, and a happy holiday season to you!


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