Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let me begin by complaining...


It's been so long since I've blogged and I've only posted once here, so I thought that I'd better make my return count for something. Otherwise, why bother with it at all?

So, I'll begin by complaining. Waaaaaah.

Okay, here goes. To be perfectly honest, I've had quite the stressful day full of countless emails, phone calls, frustrations, and heartbreaking little choices. Now, for those of you who don't know, I help run a cat rescue. I won't get into specifics right now. Suffice it to say that there are far too many stray cats being born every day and I really wish people would spay and neuter their pets. However, that's an entirely different blog post. For an entirely different day. A day on which I'm not SO discouraged. A day on which I am willing to talk more about cats. This is not said day, I'm afraid. Sorry cats. I do love you so.

This is Bug and she lives for this. Trust me.

So, anyway, my day was a bit of a grizzly bear but it was also wonderful in many, many ways. And that's pretty much how I might go about describing my every day.

Except for Sundays when I absolutely turn it all off in an effort to preserve my sanity.

It's kind of working. I think. Okay, perhaps not.

But even when things are bleak or rough or whatever...I have so much for which I am truly and abundantly thankful. One of those things is something so very simple that I often forget to be thankful for it. It's water and on most days, I totally take it for granted. And let me tell you that I'm thankful to have the luxury of slipping into that nasty habit so easily.

Water is something most of us probably take for granted. I mean, I melted my stress away in a bubble bath about an hour ago. Calgon totally took me away and I didn't bat a lash. Okay, it wasn't Calgon but I'm going to assume that you get my point.

I also brushed my teeth with impunity today (three times, so far!) and I drank about a gallon of the stuff. All without worry. Well, I was a little worried that a spider might join me in the tub, but hey, that's my own personal hell. I've lived through it and I've mostly (not really at all) moved on.

So, what exactly is my point? For once, I kind of actually have one.
And here it is (finally!):

We all have something for which we can be thankful. For me, right now, it's my friends and family, a sense of community, the warm cat in my lap, Sundays (Oh, how I love you, Sundays), and water.

So, while you're brushing your teeth and the water is running, I hope you'll think of the folks in the video just below my ramblings. Then, do me (and yourself) a favor: make a list of what you're thankful for. You don't have to post it on facebook, tweet it, come up with some ridiculous #hashtag, or even say this stuff out loud. Just acknowledge some of the simple things that make whatever it is that knots up your shoulders and aggravates that crazy crease in your brow (we all have those, right?) seem a little less important.

Maybe after that, you'll be inspired to do something more. Maybe you'll fly to India or Mozambique and maybe you'll build wells. Maybe you'll donate your time or money in some other way. Did I mention I know of a great cat rescue? *wink*

Then again, maybe you'll just help others shrug off whatever wonkiness they may be muddling through. And that's awesome, too. Because some of us are having a grizzly bear of a day and could really use the encouragement. Yes, I'm speaking for myself here. However, I'm assuming the sentiment is at least somewhat universal.

Even if that 'something more' you choose to do is simply to express a little gratitude out in the world, hold a door, or exchange a smile, do it well and do it with passion!

Because, if you ask me, that's where we begin if we want to brighten this weary world. Of course, someone still has to built those wells. Who's with me?


Video via Charity Water. 

Visit for more information. 

Ps. Typos and brevity be damned. Editing is for people who don't need sleep. I present this unedited and way too long for you to pick apart at will. Huzzah!

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