Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Check It Out: ‘Speak Now,’ by Kenji Yoshino

I have so many thoughts about this book but I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
To start with, let me just tell you that it took me nearly four months to read 'Speak Now' by Kenji Yoshino.


The delay was due mostly to my preconceived notion that a book about a serious legal battle might be a dry read. (Say whaaaaaat?)

Even though that legal battle -Hollingsworth vs. Perry - ultimately brought marriage equality to the state of California, I never felt fully prepared to dive in. While I knew I needed to read this important book,  I was certain it would be boring and there it was, propping up several fun, easy-breezy summer books. So I got distracted -- as you do.

Finally, in August, the bottom of the stack revealed itself. As I reviewed the pile of goofball books I'd finished, I felt a slight twinge of shame. Then I listened to 'Speak Now' by Taylor Swift. And then all of 1989. All while shopping all of Amazon in search of a fun way out. I found a million. And then I got over it and decided to be an adult and read a damned serious book for the first time this year.

When I finally took the plunge, I was was delighted to find that this book is so much more than the extremely intelligent coverage of an important civil rights trial. It was also a beautifully written story about love and family. It will give you the feels, my friends. Oh, yes it will.

In the months that it sat on my desk (yes, mostly untouched) gay marriage became legal in all fifty states. By the time I cracked the spine, we'd already collectively jumped for joy. Yet so many issues linger that I still felt pulled toward a reminder that this is just the beginning of the journey along the road to equality for everyone.

Beginnings are good and I'm glad I began reading this book. You will be, too.

Read now!

Disclosure time: I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and I received nothing but this adorable book for my thoughts. Not even a penny guys. Not a penny for my thoughts. But I'd love yours. Pennies or thoughts. Or both. 

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